Find the way home to your authentic vibrant self.
A program for vitality, immunity & well being

Burn away all that made you sick.
A cancer support program for deep healing.

Did you know you can directly impact our babies development by what you eat, think and feel?
A program for a beautiful pregnancy

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When your body, mind, emotions & energies are in tune with each other you feel wholesome within yourself.

That is called Health.

Hi, I'm Laura

My journey to a better life started in the most unconventional of ways! After starting university I ended up on the TV show ‘Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum’. As a finalist of the show, a very unconventional and exciting life began. I travelled the world between catwalks, magazine shoots and filming TV commercials. With this came lots of unhealthy food, even worse drinks, jet lag and a physically demanding job with long work hours. A horse-riding accident changed all that. I was left with a broken spine and the possibility of being paralyzed. I refused any surgeries and medications and ‘tuned in’ using only herbs, nutritious food and pranayama, eventually, my spine healed itself and I was back on my feet again. My trust in this natural process was reinforced and I delved deeper into this lifestyle. I was a completely new person, my spine healed, my sleep improved, so did my mood, my skin and my digestive system.


Creating Change

Creating Change

How to actually change. So many of us have desires to grow and evolve, to better ourselves and realize our dreams. This is natural spiritual drive in everyone. Yet so many also never reach their goals. Life gets in the way. I want to share…

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