How to actually change.

So many of us have desires to grow and evolve, to better ourselves and realize our dreams. This is natural spiritual drive in everyone. Yet so many also never reach their goals. Life gets in the way.

I want to share with you some insights and different mindsets that I have acquired over the years and hope it will inspire you to explore yourself and your life a little deeper into the direction of your dreams and goals.

  1. There are no shortcuts. Be absolutely honest with yourself and hold yourself accountable for your situation, happiness and everything you do and say.
  2. Your desire to change must be more powerful than the power that lies in whatever habit you now have and want to transform. Say for example you’re overweight and want to lose weight… To look good in a bikini is not a big desire, it’s not powerful enough. The moment you are hungry, sad, lonely, bored and see the cake on the menu you will order it. Because our deconstructive habits hold immense power. So, the desire to change must be stronger. A strong desire here would be ‘ I want to play with my kids and be around them for as long as possible and not get heart disease or diabetes and become unable to be fully involved with them’. Now if such a desire becomes your mantra and daily drive you will be much more likely to tell the cake to f*** off.
  3. Learn to manifest in a feminine way. Have you been doing vision boards and writing a goal list? That’s a masculine way. You can only create from the mind what you already know. If you want to manifest your soul desires this is outside the thinking mind. So, goal setting isn’t enough. You need to connect to a higher power, develop inner power, knowing and sensitivity. Then the next steps to take will become clearer and clearer, intuitive. For me the way to strengthen this inner power is to meditate on the heart, the light within that always shines when we turn quiet for a bit to feel it and then expand it from the inside out. If you know your truth from the core you don’t need vision boards anymore and tap in the dark…
  4. You cannot change by yourself. Thinking we can do it all alone is another masculine way, don’t buy into it. Share your intentions with the people around you. You need people with you who show you love and support. You need power partners! Affirming each other amplifies your level of growth. If you come to see that everyone around you is negative find other people who are interested in creating a positive soulful life. Learn to share your desires and inspire people to do the same. Lift each other up!
  5. Go within and find where you are holding beliefs about yourself and what is possible that aren’t aligned with who you really are and what you want to manifest. All those stories in your mind they push away your power to create. ‘I need another degree for this job’, ‘ I am too old’, ‘ I am not wanted’, ‘I am not attractive enough’, ‘will never meet the right one’… You cannot be successful if you are lacking self-worth. After you discovered such beliefs you need to change them. As I said there are no shortcuts, you need to do the inner work. For me the ultimate tool to transform self-doubt (which OMG I have about basically everything about myself, from ordering the right juice to making money and being lovable…) is a yogic Kriya called ‘transforming negativity’.

Reach out if you want to learn those tools and get support in manifesting your desires.