Cancer Program

The current methods to treat Cancer involve surgeries, radiation therapy or chemo. These are poison to the body. Radiation therapy and Chemotherapy are notorious for their side effects.My cancer program involves making your body stronger and more resilient. You can use my program to boost other treatment methods and to minimize these awful side effects.

My treatment focuses on 2 key factors in healing and health:

  Building strong immune system

  Detoxifying the liver and blood

Your liver and kidneys help cleanse your body and accumulate a lot of toxins in them (and poison if you have had chemo). We will be helping your liver and kidneys to detoxify and strengthening them to handle the cancer and even the side effects of chemotherapy. Coffee enemas and cold pressed juices for liver and blood detoxification are a strong focus of this program.

Cancer cannot grow and survive in oxygen rich environments. Acidic & oxygen deficient environments help cancerous cells multiply fast. We will be delivering oxygen to the body and converting tissues into an alkaline state. This will help starve the cancer cells. Essentially we will flood your body with oxygen. We will focus heavily on nutrition as well as proper breathing techniques including Kumbhaka (breath retentions to push oxygen into the cells). We will then proceed in to cleansing the blood of toxins and filling it with nutrients. Without ample amount of oxygen the blood cannot transport nutrients into the cells no matter how much and how healthy you eat.

With the proper breathing comes movement, simply being active and going for walks, or working out at the gym doesn’t help the body to detoxify. We have two fluid systems, the cardiovascular system, where the blood is pumped through the body by the heart, and the lymphatic system which doesn’t have a pump. In order to move the lymphatic fluids and help to detoxify we need to turn upside down and twist. I am not speaking of difficult yoga poses to put yourself into a pretzel, but fluent movements to help the lymphatic system move to different directions and cleanse.

The state of your mind and emotions will be the next step. This is often overlooked. Your emotional and mental well being will put you at an advantage in the fight against cancer. Each emotion has its own frequency that vibrates through every cell in the body, and this frequency can either strengthen our system or weaken it.

Everyone knows the feeling of being in love, it accelerates our immune system and gives us power. We can even get away with an unhealthy diet and a lack of sleep. The frequency of love is most powerful and sets the tone of our heath state in the body. The same counts when we do something we feel passionate about or when we find purpose in life. These unlock strong feelings of joy and bliss. These feelings stimulate healing and increase our immune functions. On the other side, feelings of guilt, shame, anger and fear lower our immune system. They affect our body negatively and weaken our cells. Stressed and weak cells contract and then cannot take in nutrients and oxygen. This stressed state turns the body acidic, a joy for cancer cells. Love and bliss are expansive in nature, opening up our cells, letting energy, nutrients and oxygen flow in.

My program does not focus on psychotherapy or counseling about traumas or stored emotions (such as anger, guilt and shame). I will teach and guide you into meditation and explore the inner space of your true authentic self. The one beyond the ego and the mundane, your essence and true vibrant light. You will see it and let it shine. And most importantly you will be tapping in to your inner light to reach a state of calm beautiful clear energy. A place of empowerment that is essential to your healing. This will transform you and make you stronger, more active and at bliss in your healing journey. We will be including the use of crystal and metal sound bowls.

This program as you see, doesn’t focus on an isolated part but targets the whole body, mind and spirit, to reach alignment and harmony, so the body becomes strong to heal.

Price: USD 1,700.00/- (incl. VAT)