Pregnancy Program

This program is for:

1. Pre conception and pregnancy.

The best environment for a baby to thrive is a healthy mothers body. The right fat content in your diet, low level of chemicals and heavy metals in your blood, the most nourished womb and a strong vaginal flora play a big role in the development of the baby.
I will guide you all the way through 3 trimesters of perfect nutrition including important supplements and meal plans. We will also practice movements, breathing techniques and meditations to prepare you for birth.

2. New moms.

I will educate you on the most nutritious weaning foods. Most books tell you to start with pureed bananas and pears. They reason ‘because it is sweet your baby will like it and it will make it easy for you’. I do not agree with this mass advice on weaning foods. If you start your baby on the sweetest foods the next step is only candy. I have raised my child on low sugary foods that have higher nutrient density and anti bacterial properties and included a lot of powerful herbs. As any food is so new to a baby and interesting it doesn’t have to be sweet to be liked. You can develop other taste buds first and have a very satisfied and even healthier baby. I will educate you on how to lower the risk of food allergies, natural remedies when your child gets sick and give you a bunch of simple and nutritious recipes. We will also cover the topic of cereals and milks as there is a huge misconception around.

3. Moms with fussy kids.

If you are raising a child that doesn’t touch vegetables this program will help you explore new ways to transition to a wholesome healthy diet. One of the most important and challenging steps in raising a child is to break the cycle of disease for our future generation. Most of us were raised on a diet loaded with sugar, chemicals, artificial additives, processed meat and wheat. Because our parents didn’t know any better, it was convenient and a lot of health damaging foods were (and still are) advertised as healthy. Now we see the painful rise in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, all food and lifestyle related. As parents we are responsible to reeducate ourselves if we want to break the cycle of disease for us and our next generations. We have to go back to our roots, the knowledge and intuitions our ancestors had.

A lot of kids nowadays already experience stress due to pressure at school and often a busy schedule. Food is a key factor to keep body, mind and emotions balanced. Another important step is to learn how to practice meditation with your child. Children who meditate are able to focus better, are more rested and show less anger and violence. I will teach you all the skills you need to be able to guide your child to become a vibrantly healthy, calm and compassionate person.

4. Teenagers.

If you are hitting your teens you will most likely experience some or all of these conditions: fluctuation of hormones, acne, weight problems, anxiety, restlessness, irritability, sluggishness, fatigue, over-sensitivity, lack of concentration and memory.

Your body is going through a lot of changes while school is demanding high mental performance. Perfect nutrition personalized to your individual needs and symptoms can work against these conditions to help you find balance and well-being. Learning the skills to meditate will also help you move through this sensitive time of change, for you to feel empowered rather than overwhelmed. I am here to support you to learn about and master your health and life.

If you can relate to any of the above you can work with me.
It is a program of 4 sessions, 75 minutes each.

Price: USD 510.00/- (excl. VAT)